Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Urgent Reunion Items

Two big things this week.

ONLINE REUNION YEARBOOK entries will not be accepted after Thursday, May 24th at midnight.  With 45 entries (and counting) the yearbook promises to be engaging, enlightening and entertaining.  The more the merrier so please consider adding a few words about yourself.  Pictures welcome too!  Emails about yearbooks are coming from Nelse Clark and Meno Reunion Books...

REUNION PRICING increases after May 24 as well.  So even if you are planning a "gameday decision" it might be worth your while to register now!!

register now for your 35th - June 8-10, 2018!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Fresh 35th "Registered" list!

Remember prices go up May 24 - so register now for your 35th - June 8-10, 2018!  We know there are lots of you holding out - just do it!

Eduardo Blohm ’83 P’13
Kevin Bresnahan ’83 and Maura Bresnahan
John Brown ’83
Spencer Brown ’83
Nelse Clark ’83
Doug Cruikshank ’83
Adam Feiges ’83
Christopher Flagg ’83 P’18 P’20 and Heidi Flagg P’18 P’20
Christopher Harris ’83
Don Hindman ’83
Robert Keirstead ’83
John Knight ’83 Former Faculty
Craig Pattee ’83
Ben Patton ’83 and Blair Miller
J. Douglas Schmidt ’83
Brian Steward ’83
Peter Townsend ’83 and Christina Townsend
Jim Wareck ’83
Adam Weinberg ’83
P.B. Weymouth ’83 P’18 ’20 and Elizabeth Weymouth P’18 ’20
David Ziccardi ’83

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Still the Dean and Dave Show!

Great FB post by Dean Singewald with photos of David Morley's recent visit.

Catch up with more old friends at our 35th reunion!  Pricing increases after May 24 so ACT NOW if you haven't registered yet.

Reunion Attendees As of 5/11: (but at least 6 more are in the pipeline we're told)

Kevin Bresnahan ’83 and Maura Bresnahan
John Brown ’83
Spencer Brown ’83
Doug Cruikshank ’83
Adam Feiges ’83
Christopher Flagg ’83 P’18 P’20 and Heidi Flagg P’18 P’20, Emmeline Flagg ’18, Elliott Flagg ’20
Christopher Harris ’83
Don Hindman ’83
Robert Keirstead ’83
John Knight ’83 Former Faculty
Craig Pattee ’83
Ben Patton ’83 and Blair Miller
J. Douglas Schmidt ’83
Brian Steward ’83
Peter Townsend ’83 and Christina Townsend
Adam Weinberg ’83
P.B. Weymouth ’83 P’18 ’20 and Elizabeth Weymouth P’18 ’20
David Ziccardi ’83

Past Faculty:
Susan Carlson, Former Faculty
Peter Clark ’58 Former Faculty
Larry Jerome ’73, Former Faculty
David Knight ’58 P’87 Former Faculty
John Knight ’83 Former Faculty
Shantel Moses ’93 Former Faculty and Kevin Ng, and Cheyenne Watson
Michael Sheridan ’58 P’93 ’00 ’05 Former Faculty and Kathy Robertson P’93 ’00 ’05
James Smith P’80,’82,’86,’91 G’13 Former Faculty and Carole Smith P’80,’82,’86,’91 G’13

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Just because Duke can talk and stars in Bush's Beans commercials doesn't mean our award winning classmate Van Sullivan isn't a celebrity in his own right!  Van delivers culinary excellent at UMass Dining and we hope he will share copies of his award winning apple pie recipe at REUNIONS, JUNE 8-10!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

New A/V Club?

Facebook delivered this gem to the blog via a military veteran's post.  

You may remember that Ben Patton helps veterans work through their PTSD by telling their stories through film.  You may also remember that Spence Brown helps celebrities (and others) get their stories out via radio and podcast.

Ben explains the photo: "Spencer and I reconnected in New York after three decades of not being in touch, when we discovered some important things in common. We both share a love of history and desire to support our veterans. This spring, Spencer generously offered to feature my org, the Patton Veterans Project and some of the vets we work with on a podcast taped for his kickass new digital audio platform, Cadence 13. We hope to roll it out on ITunes shortly - and if enough ‘83ers can help spread the word, maybe it will be the first of many. 

Great to be reconnected with Spencer, do some good and create some positive memories together. 

Can’t ask for more than that! See you at the reunion!"

Great things can happen when we connect...Speaking of reunion - here's where to get the info and register!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Executive 83

Chris Flagg and John Knight recently attended the Spring meeting of the Executive Committee of the Deerfield Academy Alumni Association.

As your representatives they asked good questions, made trustees listen to their salient points and twice disrupted the proceedings with selfie taking.  (Actually, that was all JK.  Flagg was falsely accused).

Deerfield's master plan for the campus proceeds apace - new and improved athletic facilities will open in the Fall, and a new Health facility will be built after the shabby grey Physical Plant building is removed.  (New Phys. Plant building already up and running on the Williams Farm property that DA purchased.)

The three seniors that spoke to the assembled committee were articulate, thoughtful and already years beyond most of our levels of maturity at that age.  The Head of School Search Committee hopes to have a new Head of School announced by Thanksgiving but no interviews have taken place yet.

A few pictures below - but nothing beats seeing it in person at our 35th REUNION!  Pricing increases May 24 - REGISTER NOW.  Even if you can only make it Saturday, please come!

Here's one look at the new field house with hockey rink underneath it (left side of picture), next to existing squash and pool building, taken from the playing fields.

And here's a fence banner image of what the complete look will be from the playing fields...

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Coincidence at Denison? Don't think so...

The latest news from the Columbus Business Journal is that at Denison University "Applications to the college have increased 64 percent over the past four years."  Remember that Adam Weinberg started his tenure as President in July 2013?  That's no coincidence baby!

So what's the deal?  How has a commitment to the liberal arts and an emphasis on it's advantages for employment moved the needle at Denison?

You should come find out by attending our 35th reunion from June 8-10, where Adam will be a featured speaker!  Register HERE. (For the current list of those registered - check out this page).

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Congratulations Vivian and Nelse!

Looks like Nelse tied the knot on March 23 in beautiful Florida.  Congratulations Vivian and Nelse!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Somewhere in CT

Doesn't matter where - just matters when.  Jim Wareck was recently in New Haven briefly and convinced Eric Suher to meet him "somewhere in CT".  Seems like they had a few chuckles!!

Our 35th reunion is June 8-10.  Would be great to have you there...

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Rogue 35th Reunion Book!

With the help of our very own Nelse Clark and his Meno Reunion Books, we're creating a 35th reunion book for the class!  We're interested to know what you've been up to even if you won't be joining us under the green and white tent from June 8-10, 2018!  If you did not receive an email about the reunion book, please reach out to Nelse at nelsec7"AT"gmail.com.

A number of classmates have already uploaded photos and information and have agreed it is simple and straightforward.  The uploaded photos and data then get PROFESSIONALLY edited and designed, so don't sweat that sideways photo...  It's going to be great to catch up and will likely make for some lively reading!  Please make the time to write an entry, the more the merrier for sure.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Congratulations Drew and Alexandra!


Alexandra Kennerly Wolfe, the daughter of Sheila Wolfe and Tom Wolfe of Manhattan, was married Feb. 23 to Dr. Andrew Newman Schiff, a son of Lisa Schiff and David T. Schiff of Manhattan. Robert Sweet, a federal judge with the Southern District of New York, officiated at the Brook, a private club in Manhattan.
Mrs. Schiff, 37, is a staff writer at The Wall Street Journal. She graduated from Duke.
The bride’s father is an author and journalist whose books include “The Kingdom of Speech,” “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test,” “The New Journalism,” “The Right Stuff” and “The Bonfire of the Vanities.” Her mother is a graphic-design consultant in Manhattan.
Dr. Schiff, 52, is a managing partner at Aisling Capital, a company in New York that invests in life science companies. He was until 2000 an internal medicine physician at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.
The groom’s father retired as a partner of Kuhn, Loeb & Company an investment banking firm in New York. He was later the chairman of the Wildlife Conservation Society.
The groom's first marriage ended in divorce.
The couple first met in fall 2014, through the groom’s sister and brother-in-law, but did not start dating until April 2016.
When the bride asked her father if he would wear his trademark white suit to her wedding, he replied: “No, you can wear white. It’s your day.”

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


If you haven't made a gift to DA yet this school year - Thursday, March 1 is your day.  Your gift will be 100% matched by trustee Rob Hale '84.  Every amount will make a difference!!!

Give Here.

PS. The giving site is open.  You could even give right this minute and it would count...

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

When Schmidt's in town...

Doug had a biz trip to Denver, so team 83 rallied in support.  Don Hindman organized a dinner which drew from up and down the Front Range.  Schmidt, Harrington, Knight, Hindman and Piersol enjoyed Mexican food and a ton of laughs at a cute spot in old Golden.  Nothing like a mini-reunion! Props to RJ for wearing the green and white...Don then dragged Schmidt into the mountains for a chilly day at Copper which apparently involved a good deal of cinnamon flavored liquid heat...and a solid photobomb.

Make the effort to get to our 35th reunion please - its gonna be a good time!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Kikoski's in Taipei

Reunion outreach by Schmidt led us to this newsy gem from John Kikoski!

"We are living in Taipei for a year and loving it here. My wife, who is a Professor of Law at Seton Hall University, is spending the academic year as a visiting researcher as part of the US Government's Fulbright Senior Scholar program. If you're interested in what's going on in China/Taiwan, you should check out Maggie's twitter feed at https://twitter.com/margaretklewis.The family moved over in August, and we will be in Taipei through next summer. Armas (now 5) and Faris (almost 3) are starting to pick up Mandarin at their preschool. I'm working New York hours doing private equity deals, but my schedule is pretty civilized since a lot of my business is Asia focused."

Monday, February 12, 2018

Happy Birthday Abe!

Even Abe Lincoln, here celebrating his 209th birthday, is pumped for reunions June 8-10!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


We don't typically post about family accomplishments but Tom Perry's son achieving his Eagle Scout rank felt like a proper exception.  Congrats to the Perrys!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Another reunion

Chaz Gagne and Hardie Jackson connected in Atlanta during a biz trip for Charlie.  Great job getting a pic fellas!  There's more where that came from - June 8-10 at DA!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Reunion Registration now open!

Here's our chance to represent for our 35th.  The more people we can get to arrive by noon on Saturday, June 9, the better our 1 pm class photo will look!!!

Schedule HERE

Registration HERE

Pro Tip: Your "Deerfield ID" will help DA recognize you more quickly in the registration process - it is included in the footer of the Reunions 2018 email from Jenny Hammond - is labelled "Your ID" - and begins with "D" and two zeros..

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Need a pick me up?

Brian Steward was tired the day of the original photo.  His friend on FB took some time to cheer him up.  With Brian's permission, you can bee cheered up too!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

In case you were wondering...

John Knight wanted you to know that he can't help it.  Here's a picture after the strategy session held with his uncles over Thanksgiving.

On the left is Zeke Knight '54 (Chair of his 65th DA reunion - 2019) and on the right is David Knight '58 (Co-Chair of his 60th DA Reunion - 2018).

It's just what we do...

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

5 Things I Learned at 19,347 Feet

The latest from Jeff Spadafora.  Full story on his blog. Aim high fellas!

"On Wednesday, I made a successful attempt to climb Cotopaxi  - a snow covered, active volcano in the Andes mountain range of Ecuador. It was the most difficult thing I have ever attempted in my life.
I learned five really valuable lessons I'll never forget. I hope they help you.

1. Seize The Moment  - 

2. Stay in Shape -

3. Get A Guide -

4. Don't waste time worrying about the past -

5. Be a Savvy Friend, Parent, Spouse, co-Worker -"

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Still the center of the universe...

Doug Schmidt is the conduit.  And NYC brings the class to him sometimes.  Actually, a lot.  Thanks to Lynch, Nottage and Hindman for finding Doug and sharing the evidence!  All within the last month!  Keep it up fellas....

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Another Happy 35th!

Eagle eye Doug Schmidt noticed that Wheel of Fortune is also celebrating a 35th anniversary this year!  Purists will know that the show was originally started by Merv Griffin in 1975 - but after a few iterations and networks, the nightly syndicated version of the show premiered on September 19, 1983 and is thusly celebrating it's 35th anniversary...And as inconceivable as it might be - that's still Vanna White as the show's hostess!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tis the season...

For NHL hockey!  Andrew Nash and son frequent the SJ Sharks games and recently scored big!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Focus on the 35th...but just for a minute!

Recent email from DA about reunions - had an easter egg in it, did you catch it?  While calling for self-nominations for reunion presenters and offering up a schedule preview of reunions (June 8-10, 2018 for us...) there was a sidebar link to a brand new web version of the DA directory info.  This info was only available via a mobile device until now!  Find a classmate, take him to lunch, then send me the picture! (If you didn't receive this email - be sure to update your email address at "alumnirecordsATdeerfield.edu".)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

With Thanks...

Happy Thanksgiving!  We hope some time with family reinvigorates your soul...But if not, feel free to try again by attending our 35th reunion June 8-10, 2018!

Enjoy the photo gallery and video of the recent Choate Weekend where DA prevailed 6-3-3.  Remember when we had 13 soccer teams alone???

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/deerfieldacademy/albums/72157689609859125/with/38441225041/

Choate Day 2017 from Deerfield Academy on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Boston Strong!

So you can probably imagine the conversation that happened in the hallway at the Santander Bank office in Boston a few weeks back.  Bob Fitz is heading to the men's room and Will Wolf is headed to the water fountain.  They bump into each other and finally remember that they work in the same building!  Then they do what 83ers do when in good company, they wonder who else they can include in a gathering.  So they get Townsend and Clark on the line and compare address books for DA 83* and hatch a plan to hang out.  And then it happened!

Kudos to the organizers and the attendees, with special nods to Beaubien and Crow who made the big travel efforts to be present.

Here's the lineup at Ginger Man - Boston:

Front (LtoR): Peter Crow, Bob Fitzpatrick, John Cianciolo, Peter Townsend
Back (LtoR): Will Wolf, Mark Beaubien, Nelse Clark

*As a reminder, remember that DA has a mobile app with most of us in it.  Learn more here.

PS - Hope to see these faces again June 8-10, 2018 at our 35th!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Next film role for Nottage

Keep an eye out for your favorite Pierce Brosnan lookalike as he appears in a new movie soon...(but not in the trailer FYI)

And here he is at the Bahamas premier with his wife, Kara...

"It's a story of human smuggling through The Bahamas of Haitian nationals hoping to reach the United States. The story revolves around a struggling Bahamian fisherman who can't afford the life he wants for his family. He turns to human smuggling at the suggestion of a friend and at the hands and as operator for a nefarious human smuggling agent as a way to make ends meet.

I play an intercepting US Coast Guard officer when he's driven to take smugglers all the way to the US mainland after stepping stone trips do not work out well."

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Annual Trip

Paul Magee made his annual pilgrimage from Mexico and connected with Mark Beaubien at the Inn...

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Legal Help

Eddy D'Alessandro had a rough case recently in NJ.   Here's the link and some of his comments from FB and then the entire article posted below.


"This case was difficult because I was assigned a client who did not want further treatment.  I was faced with the ethical dilemma of being assigned a client and having to not follow her wishes.  The medical record was clear that she had not reached a position of futility where there was no hope for recovery.   Because she is young, had no other medical issues and loving and supportive parents the Court with my support appointed her parents to empower them to help their daughter.  For those who follow my sporadic posts last year I advocated for the right of  a 29 year old who had so many other health issues secondary to her 20 plus years of Anorexia to discontinue treatment.  She died and is at peace.  I can only hope my current client opens up to the treatment so there is a better outcome.  Thanks all for the support."

MORRISTOWN — Desperate to save their anorexic 20-year-old daughter from death, a Parsippany couple petitioned the court to appoint them her guardians, which would give them power to make medical decisions on her behalf, including force feeding.
Superior Court Judge Paul Armstrong, no stranger to the situation, granted the parents their wish on Tuesday by declaring S.A., as the woman is referred to in court documents, incapacitated and incapable of making her own decisions. The parents were appointed co-guardians of the Parsippany High School graduate.

"This is a case that makes other parents hopeful," said S.A.'s mother following the ruling. The mother, who did not wish to be identified by name, said the petition for guardianship "is a tool for parents to keep our kids alive." The parents asked that S.A.'s identity not be made public.
The ruling comes on the heels of the death of a 30-year-old Morris County woman named Ashley in February. She also suffered from severe anorexia nervosa and refused to eat.
The landmark Karen Ann Quinlan "right to die" case was decided by the N.J. Supreme Court 40 years ago. March 31, 2016 William Westhoven/DailyRecord
Armstrong, who also presided over the Ashley hearing, ruled that she could not be force-fed at Morristown Medical Center, a decision supported by her parents, the hospital's bioethics committee and all her treating physicians. Ashley had undergone a decade of treatment that did not work, according to court documents.
Unlike S.A.'s parents, Ashley's parents wanted their daughter to continue treatment, but wanted to respect her wishes to stop eating and to refuse a feeding tube.
Ashley suffered organ damage and was far more debilitated by malnutrition than S.A.  In deciding that S.A.'s parents can make her medical decisions that would include force-feeding, Armstrong cited the Journal of Psychiatric Practice that opines that compulsory feeding in early stages of severe anorexia, before organ failure, can be effective.
S.A.'s physical condition reached a crisis point in June when she weighed 60 pounds and her brother found her after she collapsed in their Parsippany home. She was rushed to Morristown Medical Center, transferred to Overlook Hospital and finally transferred to the Eating Disorders Center at University Medical Center of Princeton, Armstrong said. 
Through attorney Susan Joseph, S.A.'s parents in June petitioned the court to be her guardians. S.A. was assigned a court-appointed lawyer, Edward D'Alessandro Jr., who met with her multiple times.
Hearing judge Armstrong made national history in the 1970s when he successfully represented the parents of Karen Ann Quinlan in their court battle to have their daughter removed from life support so she could "die with dignity." Karen, who was in a persistent vegetative state, was removed from life support but lived several more years before her death at Morris View Nursing Home in Morris Township.

In the hearing involving S.A., Armstrong met with her, her treating physicians and mental health workers in Princeton, where she was undergoing treatment including artificial feeding with a PEG tube in her stomach against her wishes. Though she gained about 15 pounds since June in the clinic setting, she told her lawyer and medical staff she can manage her eating disorder on her own and wanted to return to Parsippany, Armstrong said.
S.A. repeatedly told her attorney she was an adult, could make her own decisions and didn't want her parents to act as guardians, Armstrong said.

The medical doctors and S.A.'s psychiatrist said S.A. is delusional and in denial about her risk of dying, the judge said. S.A. has stated, he said: "Being in treatment is torture." She has said she would choose death over treatment, the judge said.
Armstrong said the physicians all opined that S.A. does not understand what the risks to her life are by not eating.
Armstrong concluded S.A.'s parents are loving and want the best for their daughter, even though she has occasionally claimed they were abusive by forcing her to eat at home. Citing medical reports, the judge said S.A. has suffered from anorexia nervosa since she was 13 years old and her body has not gone through puberty because of her condition medically recognized as a psychiatric illness.
The Journal of Psychiatric Practice, in a treatise titled "Caring for Patients with Severe and Enduring Eating Disorders," states anorexia nervosa has a high mortality rate.
"The body image distortion inherent to this disorder and the impaired judgment and cognition due to malnutrition frequently result in patients refusing treatment. Treatment is most effective if patients are treated early in the course of their illness and undergo a full course of treatment. Involuntary treatment may therefore be both life-saving and critical to recovery," the article states.
The judge noted S.A., though seriously ill, still has a chance of recovery through the guardianship of her parents who will see that she receives continued treatment at the Princeton facility and then at a long-term residential facility.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

When in Lexington...

Tom Perry appears to be making the most of his recent trip to Lexington, KY...